About Us

'UK Documents' is a London based document procurement service established in 1996 by three professional freelance researchers; Brian Talbot, David May and Melissa Brookes. At that time, to obtain an official vital record from a government office, archive or district registry it was necessary to make a personal visit. The three researchers noticed they were often visiting the same venues at the same time during the working week. To cover more ground, they started to share their timetable, workload and expertise. This very soon developed into a permanent team, which still continues to this day.

To obtain a vital record involved travel, time and self-service research. For the uninitiated this was often a perplexing and frustrating task. This was recognised first hand; a proportion of daily time was spent freely helping and advising others. 'UK Documents' had the concept of offering their services not only to existing corporate clients, but to the general public both within the UK and overseas. 

With the internet becoming mainstream, a readily accessible advertising platform was available and in 1997 our first website was launched. This also coincided with the huge ‘boom’ in family history, and very soon we were able to expand our team and network of agents. Since then, and over the past 25 years we have supplied thousands of official vital public record documents to satisfied customers worldwide.

As we progress; most government record offices, archives and district registries offer their own online services. This we appreciate and is reflected in our team being smaller and us performing specialist research on behalf of mainly corporate clients. However, one area where we are consistently being asked for help and advice is the procurement of court sealed, certified copies of wills and probate grants. It is for this reason we have this independent website which has no specific call to action and uses no promoted advertising.

All court sealed, certified copies of wills and probate grants are available via the government HMCTS (HM Courts and Tribunals Service) but other services may also be required for use overseas. Should you prefer to do your own research and obtain documents personally, please contact a district probate registry.

For over 25 years 'UK Documents' have provided legal professionals, financial institutions and the general public with a trusted service. You may wish to use our services now or just bookmark us for future reference.

UK Documents, International House, 24 Holborn Viaduct, London, EC1A 2BN (Registered address - not open to public) | Tel 0333 7721325
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