How to quickly get court sealed and certified copies of a will and grant of probate


Our company ‘UK Documents’ offer a fast, independent, professional and guaranteed service for the purpose of obtaining official court sealed and certified grants of probate and wills. This is offered as a premium, expedited service with just a few days turnaround. It is especially suited for those who have a restricted timeframe, reside overseas or who are unable to visit a probate registry in person.

The advantages of using this service:

  • exceptionally fast turnaround compared with a postal application
  • secure online ordering with instant order confirmation
  • payment accepted via most major debit/credit cards and PayPal
  • documents checked as being suitable for use within the United Kingdom or overseas
  • guaranteed/tracked delivery (including courier by arrangement)
  • easy contact via email or telephone
  • an apostille/legalisation service is also available at the time of ordering. See: Apostille Service

Many financial institutions and solicitors use this service on a regular basis. It can be used as a cost effective way of saving both time and expense.


A postal application service is made available by using the government form PA1S. This is the most economical way of obtaining a sealed and certified copy of a will or sealed and certified grant of probate, but also the slowest. The service is offered with a 4 week turnaround but can often take in excess of 10 weeks depending on workload. Payment is required to be made by cheque in UK sterling and return delivery is only made available via standard Royal Mail 2nd Class post or airmail. No confirmation is made available as to receipt of order or progress.


For very urgent cases a personal application can be made. This involves making an appointment with a local district probate registry, making a personal visit and showing proof of urgency i.e for a pending court case, property sale etc. In this instance you will need to contact a district probate registry within England or Wales. 

Existing probate registries within England and Wales are listed below:

Probate Service Centre (Harlow). Not open to the public.
General enquiries: Tel: 0300 303 0648

For contact information, map location etc. please see any of the following probate registries.

Cardiff Probate Registry of Wales 
Brighton District Probate Registry
Leeds District Probate Registry
Liverpool District Probate Registry
Newcastle District Probate Registry
Oxford District Probate Registry
Winchester District Probate Registry

‘UK Documents' act on your behalf for the purpose of obtaining official court sealed/certified copies of any grant of probate or probated will issued within England or Wales. All probate grants and probated wills are obtained directly from the government probate service (HM Courts and Tribunals service) within just a few days and without you needing to make personal appointments or travel arrangements. 

In all cases ‘UK Documents’ process and dispatched order requests within the shortest available timeframe. Our team are strategically placed throughout England and Wales to cover all major government public record offices and registries. In short, we do the leg work. You may have already made a postal application but are still awaiting delivery, or your order may have been delayed/lost or incorrectly issued. We are here to help and have been doing so for well over 30 years.


If, by whatever means you are able to procure your probate documents on or before the day we dispatch your order we offer a full and immediate refund upon request.


Grant of Probate and Will / Letters of Administration

READING COPY: for information purposes only

COURT SEALED: for use within the United Kingdom



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