Probate Grants and Probated Wills (England & Wales)

Grants of Representation - Grants of Probate - Letters of Administration - Probated Wills
Court Sealed - Certified - Apostilled - Legalised - Notarised

We are an independent company offering our research and procurement service to legal professionals, financial institutions and the general public. 

Our objective is to obtain documents on your behalf as quickly as possible and within our estimated timescale. Each and every order is treated with attention to detail and followed through to completion. We are your point of contact for help and advice and offer this without commitment.

If for any reason we are unable to supply your request within our estimated timescale, a full and immediate refund is available upon request. This forms part of our terms of service.

All copies are official and issued via the government HMCTS (HM Courts and Tribunals Service). All documents are checked prior to dispatch to ensure they are suitable for purpose. 

We offer a time saving and value added service. Should you prefer to do your own research and obtain documents personally, please contact a district probate registry. Please visit our help page and terms of service page prior to placing an order.

Services at a glance

READING COPY: for information purposes only

COURT SEALED: for use within the United Kingdom

COURT SEALED/CERTIFIED: for use overseas


UK Documents, International House, 24 Holborn Viaduct, London, EC1A 2BN (Registered address - not open to public) | Tel 0333 7721325
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